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Wholesale Distribution Alliance
Some things have changed! 

We are excited to introduce ourselves to you! We are Wholesale Distribution Alliance (WDA), the new distribution channel for aquatic gear and other retail items previously ordered from KompetitiveEdge.


We have expanded our inventory to include the products you require; our sole purpose is to serve you so you can be a resource to those who use your facility. Our goal is to quickly an completely deliver your order.


As we work together you will find that our culture is conducive to helping you operate a successful resale program by offering tips from our network of merchandising partners as to what is working for them to maximum profitability. We look forward to assisting you and working to meet your needs and making the task of managing inventory a breeze for you.
Please take a moment to review the additional information below to learn a little more about WDA. 


Our offerings now include an abundant supply of TYR Goggles, TYR Swim Caps, Grab Bag Suites, Master Locks, Disposable Diapers, Ear Buds and much more. Let us know if you would like us to look into carrying additional items; we can't promise but if it makes sense we will bring them in.


Our website, www.wdaswim.com, will assist you in obtaining technical descriptions of our products and our handy Ordering Guide will simplify the process of expediting orders.  Both the website and ordering guide will be updated as inventory selections change.
Featured Products


WDA will now be stocking swim diapers at all times. Over the years we have struggled to keep diapers in stock; we believe this issue has been resolved and we are now stocking both Huggies and Pampers brands.

Stereo Ear Buds are also back in stock. We are committed to keeping these in stock at all times; it may take us a little time to gain an appreciation of ordering patterns so for now we have simply brought a bunch into inventory.
Spencer Leetham
303-916-6096 Mobile
3820 S. Federal Blvd.
Sheridan, CO 80110
720-675-9478 Office

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