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TYR Catch Paddle

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Catch® Paddles are designed to develop a better feel for the water and make technique imperfections easier to identify. Showcasing an extended side-blade design to over exaggerate the "catch phase" of strokes, our patent pending Catch® Paddles can be used in conjunction with regular training paddles to improve all four swim strokes. A smaller paddle surface area reduces shoulder stress, while multiple strap options allow you to customize the paddles to fit your hand and exaggerate the "catch phase" by increasing the amount of resistance created by the extended side-blade. Catch Paddles can size up or down to create more or less exaggerated "catch" during entry phase of stroke and are made of lightweight PVC foam for extra flexion. Incorporate the Catch Paddle into power workouts to develop race-feel and technique at closer to race speeds. Extra latex strap tubing included. Sold in pairs.