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Ordering Tips

Do you have a hard time keeping product in stock? Are you always having to turn customers away because you don't have the product they want? Let us help you!
Here are a few ordering tips some of our clients have shared with us:
- Kelly from the Ridge Recreation Center trains her staff to be aware of what they are selling and to let her know when products are running low. She also does a monthly inventory to stay on top of ordering. 
- Gail from Silverthorne Recreation Center puts all of her product on display. This allows her to do constant visual checks and place orders when necessary. She also does a physical inventory every three months. 
- To avoid running out of inventory, Michelle from The Trails Recreation Center, has tasked one of her employees with keeping track of inventory and ordering. This employee does weekly checks while Michelle does an occasional check herself. 
Do you have any good ideas for keeping up with your inventory? Let us know so we can share!
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