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Expand Your Aquatic Offerings

Unlike many other forms of exercise and recreation, swimming is an activity that is available to a wide variety of people - young and old, men and women, athletic and out of shape. Understanding the competition is key to gaining the most clientele or repeat guests in any season. 
"For almost every pool, whether they realize it or not, the competition is a waterpark, even if the waterpark is 100 miles away"
 [Robert Clayton, owner of Aquatic Partners, Fort Collins, Colorado]
While it's probably not realistic for you to install water rides or wave pools, there are more modest features you can add, at relatively low cost, to keep your pool exciting for parents and their kids. Consider adding splash play areas, small waterfalls, cannons, and bucket games - all of which can be created without major renovations and using limited space. Offer commonly used products on site such as goggles, swim diapers, and diving sticks. Sometimes the simplest addition is one the families can take home with them. Capitalize on your wide-ranging audience by offering a broad array of swim lessons, aquatic activities and goods. Boosting your bottom line could be as easy as displaying an affordable goggle at your register.

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